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Spanish intensive courses with DELE exam preparation


Inici » Spanish intensive courses with DELE exam preparation

Our Intensive Spanish courses are designed to help students make speak fluently in Spanish in different sociocultural context and be capable of communicating effectively in everyday life.

In addition, these courses provide students an intensive training to pass the DELE exam, an official qualification granted by the Spanish government through the Instituto Cervantes.

Nivel A1

Level A2

Level B1

Level B2

Level C1

Small student groups



Teaching hours:

90 hours


Miriam Gázquez

PhD in Hispanic Philology and Spanish foreign language teaching expert


Classes in-person

Morning and afternoon courses

Course schedule:

First trimester: October – December
Second trimester: January – March
Third trimester: April – June
Summer intensive course: July

*If you want to join our courses after the trimester have started, please, write us to take a place.


Send us your personal information through the form, and the coordinator will contact you to do a level test and offer you the most suitable course for you.

Course Price:


Tuition fees can be divided in 2: 60% at the beginning of the course and 40 % a month later.

Payment methods: card or bank transfer

Cancellation must be received before the course starting, in order to have a refund. No refund will be given for any cancellations after the course start date unless in exceptional circumstances (being at the hospital).

UNED Barcelona reserves the right to cancel a student’s course in the event of unsatisfactory attendance.


Students must attend a minimum of 75% of their lessons in order to receive a course certificate.


Objectives of the courses:

– Developing and improving your communication skills: our Spanish language courses are designed specially to offer students inclusive and quality learning based on everyday communication needs.

– The activities follow a completely communicative and innovative methodology recommended by the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). They help students to mastering the language in different sociocultural contexts and enable them to communicate effectively in real life.

– The classes are focused on learning the use of the language. In each topic students perform collaborative tasks, projects, and role plays that simulate real-world situations. This work allows them to consolidate their learning through experience in a pleasant and stimulating environment.

– Training students to pass the DELE exam to certify officially their knowledge of Spanish.

– Our Spanish courses will prepare students to obtain the following qualifications:

Spanish Diploma level A1
Spanish Diploma level A2
Spanish Diploma level B1
Spanish Diploma level B2
Spanish Diploma level C1

DELE diplomas are internationally valid and offer numerous advantages:

In Spain, the DELE A2 is an essential requirement to apply for Spanish nationality for people from non-Spanish-speaking countries.

In Catalonia, the DELE B1 is necessary to obtain the taxi driver’s credential.

Spanish universities recommend having the DELE B2 for students from non-Spanish-speaking countries.

The Ministry of Health requires the DELE C1 to access a MIR or FIR position

More information:

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